Want to buy your Dreamhouse in Turkey?

Turkey is one of the ancient countries that have preserved its rich cultural heritage and history intact even today.

Turkey has hot friendly people, low cost living and very good productive resources and that makes people to invest in properties there and all such investments are no doubt worthwhile in all aspects.

Normally three conventions are followed in any property investments. They are:

• Buying an existing property

• Buying a newly built property from a developer

• Buying a land plot and building a property

All these options have got its own advantages and disadvantages. For example if you go for a land, you can have your own plan of construction to suit your needs and in the case of buying a built house from the developer, you stand to gain in price and need not spend further for any modifications. It is better to decide based on your mind set and the available resources with you.

Investing in property, that too in a foreign country is a big financial decision. To make your investment trouble free consider the following tips:

• Read and understand the contents of the agreement and seek clarifications in case of doubt. Never sign a contract without knowing or understanding its content.

• Consult competent persons such as architects or lawyers before finalising any property purchase. The suggestions that you may receive from them will be very valid and useful in your buying.

• Do not buy any property with unsettled debts. If need be, get the debts cleared by the seller before hand so as to get your legal documents clear without any mentioning of the debt.

• Note to ascertain the correct and real cost of the property and never pay anything more than what the property is worth for.

• Scrutinise all the legal documents before the actual purchase to save you from any legal complications later. Any ambiguity in documents may result in your title over the property in jeopardy.

• Never hesitate to negotiate and try to pay only the amount, which the property is worth for.

• Consult specialists in property dealing and try to get tips. Many of us are ignorant on many aspects and specialists will be able to unearth flaws that may cost you few thousand dollars for rectification.

• Take enough time to evaluate your decision and the property. Decision made with clear mind and after consultation with many people may save you from many other complications later.

• If the deal has to be completed by paying in local currency, then get the best quote for your foreign currency.

• Be aware of the local laws governing properties. Get a good real estate lawyer from Turkey and have all the laws clarified for you. Never give room for loosing your money just for the reason of non-understanding few of the local laws.

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