Factors influencing property Buying in Dubai

Dubai is considered as the gateway to gulf and is one of the fastest growing cities in the world today. Dubai is also emerging as a commercial hub and has become a desired place for varied class of people.

In Dubai one can see impressive new buildings, great shopping malls, beautiful theme parks and more attractions that make Dubai as one of the best holiday destinations.

Recently the Government of Dubai has opened up doors for purchase of freehold properties in approved projects. Registered purchasers are entitled to resident visas for the whole family and these visas are issued on standard conditions.

The change in laws pertaining to properties coupled with many tourist attractions has seen a lot of foreign investment in Dubai’s property market. Because of these reasons, many people have started buying properties in Dubai.

Your idea of buying a property in Dubai can be well planned if you consider the following factors:


In UAE, Dubai is the second largest one with an area of around 1000 square miles. Dubai is located in the serene Gulf coast and the famous Khor or the Dubai creek runs across the land interspersed with beautiful and wild deserts and mountains.

The advantageous location between the East and the West, with scenic beauty and a modern infrastructure make Dubai a favourite destination for outdoor pursuits.

Dubai also boasts a natural strategically located harbour with which it has become a big commercial trade centre in the world.

Quality of Life

When it comes to hotels and clubs, Dubai has got amazing restaurants, hotels and clubs that offer superior service. One need not spend one’s fortune to stay in these hotels to enjoy a vibrant lifestyle.

Dubai also offers a variety of entertainment packages to suit all people from all walks of life and anyone can look for such attractive package to meet one’s purse.


United Arab Emirates is well known for its near zero crime rates and hence regarded as the best secured place to live in.

The existence of a public security record in Dubai has become a model security service for the rest of the world and you cannot see or even hear about burglary or street crimes.

A 24-hour security service manned by experienced and intelligent people supported by precise CCTV systems can guarantee you peace of mind all through the year.


In Dubai you can see a beautiful blend of modern technologies of the west and the traditional values of the east.

A surprising statistics reveal that there are people from around 200 different nationalities living in Dubai and the total population is around 1.7 million.

Dubai is considered as a highly tolerant city because of the existence of such a wide variety of ethnic people from various cultures and nationalities.

Dubai is also known for its rich cultural heritage and hospitality with a true and traditional Arabic values of courtesy.

Investment Potential

When majority of economies in various countries are turbulent, the economy in Dubai is in contrary and has seen a vibrant growth in the last 20 years.

The strong economic fundamentals with minimal tax burden have in fact attracted major foreign investments. People live in here enjoy high tax-free salaries and live with high investing capabilities.

Property buying decision has to necessarily be well thought, as the money involved will be huge and should be able to satisfy your needs.

Consider all the facts when buying a property in Dubai and carefully look into all aspects before arriving at a decision.

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