Things to know before Buying Property in Spain

When it comes to buying a property in one of the best places in Europe, then you cannot afford to ignore Spain.

The life style and the climate are the best in the world for the people living in there, but when it comes to investment you need to know more things to avoid any later date complications.

Location plays a vital role in buying a property and you cannot ignore this basic and important point when you decide to buy property, especially in Spain.

You should not fall a prey to the pushy local property seller before actually seeing or visiting the proposed property site or location.

Few important unwritten laws in any property investments are:

• Never close a deal with just one visit to the property site
• Take photographs and jot down notes about the property
• Sit quietly and analyse the details with a free mind
• Visit the property alone once and with your friends or relative again

Investment in real estate is long-term investment and you need to think for quite a long time before actually closing the deal. Ascertain and know the drawbacks if any, and ascertain about essential facilities such as phone lines, restaurants, shops, etc.

Discuss and jot down all the questions that may arise in your mind and in others mind. Seek and get the answers for all these doubts once you visit the place for evaluation.

Factors such as seasons, how harsh will it be in summer or winter, proximity of schools or medical facilities, availability of water and electricity, etc., can play an important role once you settle in the new location.

It will be ideal to make two or three visits at various times of the year to study and feel the climate of the place.

In many resorts or places where people throng will be deserted during few months in a year and once you settle in there you may get bored during these lean months.

If your idea of having home in Spain for the purpose of investment, then it is better to look for any villa or apartment, as you can have a earning potential by letting it out to holidayers.

Besides using them during your holidays, you can also earn money and see good appreciation of the value of the property.

Spain is not a small place. Location plays a vital role while buying a place in Spain. Try to know details about towns and villages, hillside features, ascertain your interests and then decide your location.

When you want to spend most of your spare time peacefully, then choose a hillside place where you can have tranquility and a serene atmosphere.

Again choices differ from person to person. The promise here is that every one will be able get a place to their heart’s content in Spain.

Arrive at your budget and seek guidance from the real estate agents in the region and find out the prices that you would expect to pay.

Think and decide about the kind of property you are looking for – say area, size, and number of rooms.

Never be rigid to look for property to match to your expectations. Be flexible and with an open mind. It is better to look at various and different residential areas and decide your pick.

Seek and obtain professional advice. Learn and understand the legal formalities involved in buying a property in Spain.

Consult a Solicitor well before the purchase of the property to know the legal process and the cost involved.

The solicitor will take care and assist you in all the different steps involved in the transaction.

The right solicitor can assist you in getting the property that is free of any mortgages, charges, encumbrances, debts or other liabilities and also assist you in getting it registered.

Before signing any agreement get them evaluated by your solicitor. You can also get the assistance from your solicitor for negotiating the deal.

The solicitor will be able to negotiate with seller’s solicitor and get you a fairly good price.

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