Tips on how to Sell or Buy your Home

Real estate industry is a very fast paced industry and you can sell your house or buy one in a very short time.

Despite the fact that selling a house or buying a house is hard, the process can be made easy by learning and practicing few tips.

As a buyer you can take into consideration the following tips:

• Get the information from the seller to the maximum extent possible. Before going to your bank or mortgagor, check all the collected information on your hand and arrive at the estimates carefully.

• Never do the mistake of over committing. Decide on things that you can take care personally and negotiate on other items in clear terms.

• Never over step. The home that you are planning to purchase should be within your reach in all aspects. Be choosy and it is preferable to settle for a home that is 20 to 30 percent lesser than your capacity to pay. By ensuring this, you can have an advantage of meeting any unexpected eventualities and you will be in a better position to see through the deal instead of loosing the whole deal itself.

• Review your credit reports realistically before going for a loan. If you do not have a good track record, then take immediate steps to rectify them and build a good repayment record. Do not give importance to inaccurate records or records that have passed 7 years and ignore them.

• Try to improve on basic requirements instead of adding an extra room. Utilise the amount for taking up fresh painting job or for laying a good carpet, as any such improvement will give a good aesthetic appeal to all.

• List all things that you look for in a house and prioritise them on an ongoing basis till you finalise the deal. Please make sure that you do not compromise basic necessities for luxuries.

• Try to keep your cool all through till you finish the deal and finalise your home buying. By keeping a cool and a clear mind, you can handle even complicated problems and sort out the issues comfortably much to your advantage. Try to resolve issues as and when they crop up.

As a seller, the following points can see you through the deal comfortably:

• Chose Spring season for your selling as there will be a hectic activity of selling and buying in that season. You can also try to match your time of offer with that of time when the interest rates are low.

• Negotiation is the key in any real estate deals. Learn and understand the home selling techniques and master the art of negotiation and you may end up with a few thousand dollars more.

• Engage a real estate agent for getting your house disposed. You may even try to sell your house without any brokers; however, the process will take more time as the real estate agents are capable of multiple listing in the buyers’ market.

• Always be realistic in your offer price. When the offer is more realistic, word spread over mouth and the chances of getting a best quote within a short span of time is highly possible. By being realistic in your offer price, many prospective buyers will come forward and one of the contacts will click.

• Decide on your final offer price and try to finish the deal once you are near that price. Do not hesitate to forego few hundred dollars as any denial to close the deal may end up in not selling your home for a quite long time.

• Always carry out minor repairs and damages to make your property more presentable and utilise that favourable first impression.

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