Buying Homes with Resale Value

When it comes to selling a home, the view of surroundings one can have from the house matter a lot in fetching a fairly good price.

A house that has got better view of outside world such as a beach or hill view can have a better resale view. So choosing a right home that may have a good resale value needs more knowledge about the factors that effect or affect the resale value.

Your idea of one particular aspect that may fetch additional value need not be the same in the eyes of the prospective buyers. Hence, be choosy while going for buying home if you have even a faint idea of reselling after some time.

Most real homes today are usually concentrated on the building itself but the lot plays a major role in deciding the resale value. Home with a good resale value should have lots that are as level as possible.

For example, for a home in a typical neighborhood, the lot should be rectangular and can never be any odd shaped.

Though older homes have big courtyard, modern homes are not expected to have such a big courtyard. However, there should be courtyards, both at the front and back, and the size should be decent enough to suit the needs.

Always buy a lightly landscaped property, as you need not shell out extra money for the landscape. You can always add additional landscape and perk up the value for the added landscape. You can greatly enhance the look of your landscaping by adding few bushes and trees that are inexpensive, but may fetch you a great deal of money while selling.

Do not go for homes that are very big and stand out in the locality. While selling, a big house may not fetch value when all other houses are either small or medium in size.

On the contrary, if you buy a small or medium house for the neighborhood, the larger homes can help to get you a better value. You have to play cautiously between your wants and needs here and strike a balance.

Choose a more prestigious neighbourhood over a desirable neighbourhood, as the return on reselling a house is bound to be more in a prestigious locality.

Of late, people prefer to have a minimum of 3 or 4 bedroom buildings and if you can stick to such choices in your buying, then you may have many potential buyers in future, if at all you go for reselling.

When it comes to the number of bathrooms, people prefer to have at least 2 bathrooms. Never settle for a home if the same has only one bathroom. Under bare necessity, look out for options to add an extra bathroom after the purchase so as to increase the value while reselling.

Walk-in closets are very popular and are extremely desirable for the master bedroom. Ensure that you have one master closet in your bedroom and at least small closets in other rooms. A separate closet for linens and towels will be a nice idea that may prove profitable while reselling.

Garages facility and laundry facility add to the resale value and you should always make sure to get at least a two-car garage and ample laundry facilities. Take care to locate the laundry facility in the first floor or at least not in a place where people frequent.

Kitchens play important role in any family and hence having a large and functional kitchen is a must for any home. Try to provide modern and useful appliances in the kitchen.

For better functionality, have your dining room and breakfast nook adjacent to your kitchen. In modern houses, people also prefer to have family rooms near to kitchen and give a thought to this aspect also while going for the purchase.

Access to backyard and other open spaces should be easy. A garage located more towards the kitchen can be very useful while transferring the groceries from you car or truck.

When it comes to having additional facilities such as swimming pools or an attached gym may not fetch better value as people do not regard these item as necessities and hence avoid such homes with pools.

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