Selling Your Home for More Money - Some Useful Tips to Do it Easy Way

Selling your home is not a small act and you have to heed and pay attention to many aspects.

First decide whether you are going to sell your home all by yourself or planning to hire a contractor for the same.

Realising the proceeds from the sale of your home may take time and all depends on the local market. While selling your home you need to look into all trivial problems and try to take remedial actions.

First of all, when selling your home you should be in a position to have both emotional and mental preparedness.

The reason for your disposal of your home may be many; you may be interested to move over to a new building or a new area; you may like to make some profit out of your existing home and make use of the additional amount for ploughing back into your business.

You should be in a position to channelise all your plans and thoughts, including any disturbing ones, and try dispose your home in a well-composed manner.

The factors are many that affect selling any of the homes in the market.

The home should be made appealing to the eyes of the prospective buyers. Following is the checklist that may help you in your home selling endeavour:

• Maintain the shrubs and lawns well.

• Note to repair all the cracks that have shown up in your pathway or in the foundation.

• Resurface your driveway if necessary.

• Check the condition of the walls, chimney (if you have one) and the gutter; carryout repairs if necessary to get back the original condition.

• Check the doors, windows and the shutters for any warping and if need be get them painted afresh.

• Never keep any wastes or garbage in a place where people can frequent or can have a view of the same.

• Store away all your hoses and equipment such as mowers properly and neatly.

Any buyer would like to see a well maintained home and hence get all the mess cleared in a way as if you are going to live in the home.

If felt necessary apply a fresh coat of paint in places where patches are seen and try to brighten up the rooms.

Get rid of all the clutter. Wash all floors and the tiles in the bathrooms. Vacuum clean the carpets and clean all your closets, attic and basements.

Clean your chimney and replace the air filter if necessary. Keep few potted plants in home to have a visual appeal.

A little bit of spending of your time and money on all the above items can enhance the value of your home and you are sure to get back your spent money in many manifolds.

Know the knack of pricing your home correctly. Any big quote may deter the buyers away and any under estimate may also leave the buyers in doubt.

Please consider the following factors that may affect the price of your home and be realistic in fixing your home price:

• Location advantage of your Home.

• Economic conditions of the town or the city where the property is situated

• Influence of the local housing market – which category is more, sellers or buyers?

• Seasonal influences

• Availability of good schools locally

• Competitive price range of homes in the neighbourhood

• Additional facilities such as fireplace, pool or central heating system

If you can engage an estate agent, he can arrange for any market survey and be in a position to analyse the market situation and help you to fix the price of your home very reasonably and profitably.

Agents also very adept in many selling techniques and try to fetch more money by highlighting the beneficial aspects of your home.

Engaging a realtor can also yield good results, ask your friends and relatives for recommending a good realtor. And choose a realtor you are comfortable with.

The realtor should have been an experienced one and have more knowledge in the business handled.

The realtor should be in a position to get help from other agents doing business in the area.

Tips on selling homes are very varied and may differ from place to place.

In a broader aspect, the tips enumerated above will be helpful and make your selling adventure a fruitful one.

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