Planning to Sell your Home in Conway, Arkansas? Read this before

In the Central Arkansas, on the interstate highway No.40 and around 30 miles north of Little Rock is situated the beautiful city of Conway.

Other highway numbers 64 and 65 also connect Conway City with the rest of the country.

Conway is centrally located and this feature has made the place as a major distribution and service centre for the population of the Central Arkansas.

Conway spread across 1000 miles in diameter and encompass 24 metropolitan areas and 17 states and a population of around one third of the entire nation’s.

The area has four distinct seasons and one can find winters mild, springs very pleasurable, summers friendly or mild and fall season cool.

The average summer temperature falls in a range of around 82 degrees and hence there will be hectic activities of swimming, baseball and water skiing during the months of May to September.

Conway becomes very popular during the months summer season and there will more real estate activities in this period.

Real estate market picks up activity as early as February due to the reason that many people want to finalise the deals and see to get their wards admitted in the schools in the new place for the next academic year.

November and December being holiday periods, the real estate activity will be at its low or may be even null during this period.

People who have decided to buy homes with a big investment always look for value for their money and be very choosy.

Please consider the following tips that can make your home selling a thoroughly enjoyable one and make good profits in the event:

• An existing law stipulates that for any building built prior to 1979 the owner has to execute a base paint disclosure statement and hence do not allow any grey area in this matter.

Ensure that all the chipped paint areas are touched up properly. Inspect the house earlier to the actual visit by purchasers and carry out the necessary rectification.

• Before anybody could see your house, get it cleaned thoroughly. The simple act of thorough cleaning can make a very big difference. Try to clean all the windows and floors and tiles of your bathroom. Take proper care to maintain your bathrooms in spick and span condition and try to bring back the original pristine condition.

• Maintain a good ambience. Research studies have proved that calm surroundings and a good smell of the place can instill a positive mind set in any people’s mind.

And this may help you to get your home accepted for buying with least difficulties.

To further enhance the atmosphere, you can play soothing music when buyers visit your home and such act is sure of getting the appreciation from the buyers and will reflect in their positive decisions.

There are many other factors that can affect selling your home in Conway, Arkansas and please consider the following tips and techniques for deriving maximum benefits from your home selling:

1. Fix your price depending upon the prevailing retail and whole sale price. Strike a balance between these two.

2. Do not turn down offers based on government conditions. You may not know that the same may prove to be very profitable.

3. Be prepared to show your property for inspection to all prospective buyers without any time restrictions.

4. Allow the buyers along with your realtor to have a view of your property and leave the spot if they need to view your home privately.

5. Remove all items that may prove to be obstacles for any free movement. Remove clothes from the clotheslines, move bedroom furniture to an end, arrange the strewn toys properly and line up the potted plants so as to have a free movement for people.

6. Do not let loose your dog whenever a buyer visits your home. Secure your dog and if possible put your dog in the kennel located away from your home.

7. Take efforts to make your home appear inspiringly beautiful so as to have the best first impression.

8. Do maintain a neutral accent in all your rectification work and never try to over do the work so as to have gaudy looks.

9. Have an open mind to consider any type of offer. If need be, you can negotiate for enhancing the offer and any genuine buyer will be more willing to pay some extra money for a good home.

10. Sort out any legal issues and try to fulfill all your responsibilities as a seller.

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