How to Sell Your Home in Victoria?

When it comes to selling your home for good, first remove any emotional attachment that you might have developed in the recent past.

Consider your home as an investment and a place to live in with your family and never attach any emotional bond, as the same come in your way while disposing your home.

Most of the properties in Victoria are sold only through real estate agents and there are lot of other efforts that has to be taken care while selling your property.

You must exercise caution when you go for selection of your agent for assisting you in your home selling exercise. Seek advice and select a proper agent who can competitively deal things in your favour and who has integrity.

Consider the following points in your selling process through an agent:

• Know and understand all the related terms and conditions and get them explained by the agent himself. Clarify all your doubts especially in the areas of obligations enumerated in the agency agreement.

• Decide on the method of selling and get clarified all the points of the sole agency selling, auction and a general authority to sell. Each way of selling is bound to have variations and ensure that you get the maximum benefit.

• The next important thing that has to be sorted out threadbare is the commission part of any agreement. Seek and know the method of calculating the commission and the percentage. If possible try to negotiate the commission terms and get them recorded in the agency agreement itself.

• Seek details about the additional expenditure that may arise out of advertisement or any other unforeseen circumstances and get clarified as to who has to bear the same. Understand other terms in relation to the limitation charges that you may have to pay.

You are supposed to provide the prospective buyers with a “vendor statement” that should contain all the details of the property.

Any vendor statement will contain information such as details of title and the restriction if any, rates, orders, notices, zoning details, permitted approval for building and any other relevant details concerning the property.

A general rule says that the first impression will last forever and hence it is better for you to get the favourable valid first impression of the buyer by presenting your home in a pleasant manner.

There is no need for you to give an expensive gift to the prospective buyer. Clean your home and see that it depicts a neat appearance.

Few of the following factors are also to be considered when you go for any home selling:

1. Any demand for the home is dependent on the number of persons seeking to buy property in your area. In any real estate market, the market is wholly dependent on the buyers, without whom there is no possibility of getting your home sold out.

2. Take a stock of homes that are listed in the market for sale. From the list pick the list of homes that may be similar to your home or resemble your home. This is the area where you will get competition and hence try to assess where you are positioned in the market of similar homes. Try to get an edge over others through novel strategies.

3. Assess the condition of your home in a realistic manner. As the competition is high, make necessary repairs and project a better image of your home in the market.Of course, there are factors over which you cannot have any control.

For example you just cannot create a demand for a specific type of home in the market, but you can control the situation by making your home bright and present a pleasing look to the eyes of the buyers.

Do the preparation as suggested and you are sure of selling your home for a decent profit within a short period of time.

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