How to Make Your Home Electronic System Completely Future Proof

A decade old house or more, but never up dated, is a detestable piece of construction where none can live.
You can easily pick décor and colors popular in the last few years. But when you contemplate on the many wonderful amenities and conveniences in modern homes, you wonder at the old fashioned homes and shudder to take them up for living.

There cannot be any home today without an automatic garage door opener or a built in dishwasher. Many homes, years back had bathrooms on the first floor. But today powder rooms or lavatories on every floor and even basement have become the order of the day and virtual standard Modern kitchens have every cooking appliance one can think of from convention ovens to built-in rotisseries.

The reason for these upgrades is that the modern generation of consumers, have plenty of money to spend on a comfortable and relaxing home. Families, to day are “nesting” by spending their time almost in front of their own television or movie screen instead of moving out for cinema. With the available multi channels and movies “on demand” and video game systems and toys it is no wonder that they are all glued to their homes. With most of the women folk employed, families have no leisure to wash dishes manually or cook.

Electronics has taken the lion’s share of modern home upgrading for those in the high end real estate genre. Home theatres around movie screens, Dolby stereo systems, Media rooms with I-pod plug-ins, storage for un- limited MP 3files and remote security controls are no more options but standard features on most new homes.With these thoughts, a person wonders what the future holds for him and his home.

How can a contractor ensure all that can be done to “future proof” the home or make it ready for future upgrades” You may design a theatre room revolving around your movie screen but what about gaming systems or upgrading play station or when you are attracted by another gaming console. Are you really confident that your future home can accommodate all these features?

Infrastructure is the fulcrum around which the design of homes offering high end features revolves plugging in a few gaming systems in to a surge protector is an unsightly mess as well as a fire hazard.You must have a structured wiring system linking the present home with the future of electronics. This serves a two fold purpose the family’s comfort and convenience and the necessary investment in the same way as the older home will not sell without a dish washer or a microwave.

Entertainment for homes in the high end real estate market is a sine-quonon feature. Families that move in to a home sans a theatre package, or media room equipment look forward to installing that option in future. Improper wiring, in such cases will create a remodeling night mare with torn walls and the total alteration of electrical system.It is not a joke or fun to have home wiring for high end electronics but there is a great demand for remotely operated security systems.

People want to do so many things by pressing the button away from the home-turning indoor and outdoor lights on and off, reset the homes temperature, adjust, the sprinkler system, weather wise setting cameras in many private homes. Parents want closed caption cameras to supervise the nannies or care providers of their children through remote computer monitors.

Major appliance in the home are being wired in to control panels to alert and warm the home owner when the gadgets need repair or servicing similar to the warming given by car engines when the oil is low or the engine needs repair. It is really amazing to receive an e-mail reminding you for a furnace cleaning regularly right from the appliance itself.Communication systems with intercom wiring in to the main rooms have become a hot ticket item and the standard. You need not stand at the base of stair and scream or announce that dinner is ready.

Families with children prefer communication systems to unreliable baby monitors.For all electronic upgrades investment while the house is being built is a key factor. This is especially true if you are trying to sell in the high end real estate field or competing with newer homes in this market. You should consider electrical upgrades as an investment, not an option. That is the secret of success and key for any home seller or investor in the modern real estate market.

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