Buying Properties in Bulgaria

Bulgaria in situated in southeastern Europe and located in the east-central portion of the Balkan Peninsula, bordering the Black Sea.

The country is almost rectangular in shape and has a land area of 42,823 square miles and serves as a natural crossroad between Europe and Asia.

Bulgaria is regarded as the third most popular destination in the world for property investment and holiday homes, the first two being Spain and France. Let us see what you gain when you decide and buy properties in Bulgaria:

At the outset, when you consider the cost of living, it is so low in Bulgaria and comparable to a status prevailing 30 years ago in the Mediterranean.

You can see an exceptionally diverse landscape in Bulgaria and many broad sand beaches that makes Bulgaria as one of the best ski resorts.

Bulgaria also enjoys a sunny climate and has got hundreds of kilometers of Black Sea coastline and started competing with other favourable and popular recreational locations in the Alps.

Bulgaria has become very popular because of this diversity and has turned out to be an attractive choice for investing general public and companies.

In recent times, the real estate market has grown to an enormous proportion and gives enough investment potential for the prospective investors.

With the intending unification of Bulgaria to the European Union by 2008 and many tax reforms launched by the liberal government, Bulgaria is becoming a hot spot for any property investments.

National Statistical Institute or the NSI data published recently showed that the Bulgarian housing prices in the third quarter of 2005 rose by 2.9 per cent compared to the previous quarter of 2005.

Foreign investors are able to get a good return from Bulgarian properties and they also continue to invest in properties.

The influx of foreign capital has also contributed to Bulgarian real estate boom. Besides the favourable foreign investment, factors such as low interest rates, availability of funds also contributed to the boom.

With an increase in investment in properties, Bulgaria has seen the highest rise in its real estate prices with a staggering jump of 48 percent.

Many small time investors and big investors opine that Bulgaria is yet to witness the peak growth and are hopeful of seeing the quantum jump in near future.

With availability of more undiscovered places of beauty in Bulgaria, you can see the real peak of the real estate boom in a short period of time.

The only impediment for any foreign investment in Bulgarian property was also amended in favour of the investor in July 2000. And this has made investment in Bulgarian properties more lucrative and remunerative.

Bulgaria is a very good place for living as well as for investing. In the event of its unification with the European union, Bulgaria will become not just a good place to live in but a very safe place to invest also.

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