Why Purchasing Private Home in Alaska is Quiet Expensive

Thoughts about Alaska bring in images of lots of snow and persons bundled up in thick jackets and huge fur-lined boots, Dogsled races, igloos, Eskimos, polar bears.

But to think that Alaska is this only is not at all far sighted. It is a state of contrast, variety with an unbelievably strong economy and developed cities that out do, any place in New York or Florida. For various and multiple reasons people are anxious to purchase real estate, private home in this great and expensive state.

The climate

It is only an assumption that all Alaska is snow capped and that all live in igloos and that, polar bears have a free run.

No doubt, the northern part of Alaska is typically arctic all the year but not the entire country. It is large enough to have different climates.

According to Wikipedia south east Alaska has the climate of Seattle. There is a mild latitude oceanic climate in the southern sections while in the northern region sub arctic oceanic climate prevails. This is both the wettest as well as the warmest part of Alaska. This part of the state only has the average day time high temperature high above freezing during winter.

South central Alaska has mild climate because of its proximity to the coast. It has sub arctic climate because of its short cool summers.

Western Alaska has a sub arctic oceanic climate in the south west while a continental sub arctic climate further north. There is a wide variety of precipitation the northern side of the seaward peninsula getting 10 inches annually while some places between Dillingham and Bethel receive more than 100 inches precipitation annually.

The interior of Alaska has an extreme subarctic climate. Summers may reach 80 deg F while winter temperature may fall below – 60 deg F. Annual precipitation is less than 10 inches.

Polar climate with long very cold winters and short cool summers prevails in the extreme north of Alaska. Even in July, the average low temperature is variety above freezing in Barrow, at 34 deg F. There is only light precipitation in this part of Alaska with many places averaging less than 10 inches a year in snow from that stays on the ground through out the year.

The south east part of Alaska, therefore, is quite habitable and there can be no fear of polar bears. Juneau is a bit cooler than Seattle or Vancouver. Alaska is blessed with a range of seasons for those who want.


Alaska’s economy is built around heavily on petroleum and oil extraction. This generates more than 80% of the state’s economy. The other players in the field are fish and game exports and tourism.

With a per capita of $60, 000 and above, Alaska stands third in the nation. This is significant in the context of nations that see a fall in the per capita income of their nationals and massive job losses faced by them.

Alaska’s individual tax burden is the lowest in the U.S. and it is one of the only six states with no sales tax and one of the seven states which do not levy individual income tax.
Cost of living is higher in Alaska because of fuel expenses in bringing groceries and retail items. Online retailers refuse shipment due to heavy cost and difficulty.

The Cities

Three major cities of Alaska, Juneau, Fair banks and Anchorage are second to none. They have all the amenities, entertainment and services expected of cities anywhere. Though the population is sparse there is everything to support one’s dream life style.

Almost every preference of a nature lover or an out door person like hiking biking, skiing, water sports ATVs, camping, Nature watching, cruising, and all his interest are almost literally right outside your front door. Long hours of sunlight in the summer and a constant weather in the 70s and 80s egg the sports man or enthusiast to remain out doors for long.

Demographics and Real Estate

The residential ratio of Alaska is one person per one square mile of state. Not many large cities are in Alaska. The three large cities in Alaska are Juneau, Anchorage and Fair Bank.
In spite of vast open spaces in Alaska, the home construction industry has not faired well. Large and luxuriant homes are not only few and far between but forbiddingly expensive.

The price of a home increases with some amenities Alaska’s nature and scenery is the best that one can see, experience and enjoy. It has a cleaner atmosphere to raise a family and the lowest air pollution rate in the country.

The types of homes available in Alaska are unique to the state. Many cities offer large log cabins with amazing panoramic views.

Though very highly expensive, the apartments are worth every penny you pay for living there. You can wake up every day with the mountains a few mils away and breathing in the cleanest air, unpolluted and fresh that you can find in a city in the US.

Alaska, thus, is only for a natural lover not for all. If you desire a unique home you should go to Alaska.

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