Purchasing a Real Estate in Texas is a Wonderful Experience

The fame and name of Texas goes back to a few decades. The prime time opera “Dallas” in 1980s was responsible for the attraction that each and every one developed for the Lone Star state. Suddenly there was a rage and craze for big homes, big cars, big lands and big hats.The thought of Texas immediately reminds one of Cattle, rail roads and oil which are still the main stays of Texas economy.

Texas and Oklahoma, the south western states are the main suppliers of beef to America which is a beef eating country. Besides, there is more and more demand for beef as many other countries are adopting the American life style.Oil is no different in spite of some economic hits taken by the automotive industry in the past few years. People here buy few cars. As the world’s crude oil demand is very great Texans keep them selves always busy.

To think that Texans are the owners of ranches and wear only Stetson hats is to under estimate them and a short sighted estimate These two industries may be the back bone of Texan economy buy they are not the only economic mainstay. Many Texan cities are famous for their growth in aviation, logistics, defense and technology.

Dallas the city not he soap

Dallas, the second largest city in the state of Texas and the ninth largest in the United States has 1.6 million population as in 2006.A prominent city in American history, it saw American settlers fight many wars with Mexico before territories were actually established. The discovery of oil in the 1930s in and around the city made Dallas explode on the world’s oil scene together with the automotive industry. Dallas became unbelievably built up in the 1970’s and 1980’s and the sky line rivaled that of New York’s.The city’s climate is sub tropical typically warm and humid receiving warm, dry winds form the north and west in summer.Dallas winters are mild in general with an average slow fall on five days a year and snow accumulation on 3 days a year. Dallas thus is a welcome spot for those who don’t enjoy the cold dry air of winter.

For sports enthusiasts, Dallas offers some thing of every thing. The city is famous for its multiple super Bowl winning cow boys. Texas Rangers baseball team is stationed at nearby Arlington. The Dallas Mavericks are a strong part of the National Basket Ball Association.

Business and economics of the area

Dallas economy, though crippled by the savings and Loan crisis in the 1980s, bounced back due to expansion in technology. Areas in and around Dallas are called “Silicon Prairie, similar to Californian “Silicon Valley” because of influx of technology. Along its “Telecom corridor” there are 5700 companies specializing in telecommunications which include Texas Instruments, Alcatel Lucent, AT & T Ericsson, Fujitsu, MCI, Nokia, Rockwell, Sprint and Verizon and national offices of CompUSA and Canadian Nortel.

Over 10000 people are employed by Texas Instruments at its corporate headquarters and chips plants in Dallas and neighboring cities.Companies with headquarters in Dallas and surrounding areas are EXXON Mobil the largest company in the world, 7 Eleven Brinker International, ID software Block buster, ENSCO offshore drilling, Kimberly-Clark, Energy Future Holdings Corporation, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Southwest Airlines, CompUSA, Texas Instruments, Fluor, Zales and commercial bank.

EDS, Frito Lay, Dr. Pepper, and JCPenney have their corporate head quarters in the northern suburb of Plano.
Dallas and neighboring cities have more shopping centers per capita than any other city in the United States indicating the tremendous expendable income that exists in the area.

The second largest shopping center in the United States Highland Park Village, opened in 1931 is housed in Dallas.
With its 12 billionaires, the city of Dallas is 9th world wide among cities with most billionaires, 8 of the billionaires living in Dallas neighboring city of Fort Worth the Metroplex has one of the greatest concentrations of billionaires in the world.

Properties in the area

Luxury property is plenty in Dallas and neighboring cities exhibiting how people desire to throng there in these high end homes.

A University Park Mansion’s 15000 sq feet of living space has a price equal to the cost of 90 average North Texas homes. The 18.5 million dollar house near Lovers Lane is the most expensive pre owned home on the market in Dallas as per internet sales site realtor.com and it has a better chance of selling than moderately priced houses in the area.

There was 25 % increase in the purchase of million dollar homes at midyear. In the last five years sales of million dollar homes in Dallas Fort worth has tripled the inventory of the houses on the market is also higher. By June end 2007, 1332 million dollar houses, about 35 % more than a year earlier were up for sale as per North Texas Real Estate Information system.

Texas can supply whatever type of home you want. Don’t think of a sprawling ranch with your initials ox iron gates. You can always have a trendy high rise condo with an amazing cityscape in the Dallas area. Any field of your industry-technology, aviation, or engineering- you will find it alive and kicking in the area.

The old saying “Don’t mess with Texas” holds good on many aspects. Texans are fiercely patriotic and loyal to their culture and state. Thus Texas is no longer just a wide open space of cows, steers, and oil drills. It is a beautiful hot spot of fine and luxurious living for one and all.

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