Expensive and Alternate Homes – Make Your Dream Come True

It is the dream of children mostly to grow up and live in some unusual houses like a tree home, a Native American lodge, or tepee, an Eskimo‘s igloo, or in a fun and funky fort of card board boxes and other harvested materials build by themselves. Many adults abandon the dream of living in card board boxes as it is a reality for far too many people. But they wish to live in unusual houses. It is actually possible for people to live in their dream houses if they can afford it.

House Boats

The charm of the sea and its blue water are not enjoyed generally by those living near the sea shore. But it is thrilling to be out on the ocean or the largest lake night and day. The smell of water, the soured of the gulls and the astounding sunrises and sun sets give you incredible and incomparable delight and satisfaction.

Boats that are modified or designed particularly for long term or permanent living are called house boats. They are not the rickety fishing boat you might have rented during a vacation in your child hood. They are equipped with a bathroom, running water, a kitchen and some appliances. A few boat houses are not motorized as they won’t be taken out in the water but stay docked.

House boats are common in some parts of South East Asia as the density of population makes standard housing rather scarce. For others a house boat is a way of life. Some boats are modest in size and feel like one bed room apartment while some others are up to 70 ft, in length and can accommodate a dozen or more people at once. There are larger, more luxurious yachts that have hot tubs, fire places, big screen televisions, and spacious bed rooms.
Many vacation areas in the US accommodate house boats particularly on the Colorado river which is a favorite destination for many.

A Recreational Vehicle (RV) or motor home

If you live in high end living quarters you think too much of a recreational vehicle or RV. Your experience with RV was a vacation rental or when you saw one chugging along the express way.

Many types of RVs are there for people to realize

Class A, self contained vehicle with a commercial truck chassis, motor vehicle or commercial bus chassis.

Class B, a camper van built with a conventional van.

Class C, a motor home built on a truck chassis.

Folding trailer, also known as a pop-up or tent camper.
Fifth wheel trailer and travel trailer

Travel trailer, a unit with rigid sides.

Some RVS are built with only luxury in mind. Larger models have full bath rooms, refrigerators, living areas, master bed rooms and additional out door cooking areas. Some RVs have satellite TV and internet access.

In 2006 Feather Light Luxury coaches introduced first Feather light Vantare platinum plus a motor home with marble floors, a built in treadmill and other luxury features valued at 2.5 million dollars.

Today’s model RVs offer every thing for a luxurious set of living quarters, freedom of the open road and the dream of sight seeing all over the country.

A hose in the trees

Child dreams of a tree house with few boards nailed together and a crude rope ladder to climb for entry have now become a reality from being mere fantasies. They have become world class hotels of a sort.

The houses have much to do with the trees in which they are built. Designers of homes are now more and more interested in rainforest, tropics, and bush land regarding homes elevated off the ground and supported by the giant trees around them.

These homes are flooded with all the expected luxurious un-mist-ably. The accommodation is first class including fire places, hot tubes, big screen TVs and every thing else. The amazing views you have at these houses are the only difference. The eye level view of the trees of the rain forest can be enjoyed and imagined. You can imagine the wild life and vast variety of birds you could spot every day.

Only the brave can go in for these elevated tree houses. The price tag is also elevated. They cost, millions of dollars but what they offer in terms of joy, delight and satisfaction and pride is both immeasurable and indescribable in the world.

What kind of home do you want?

Other forms of unusual houses are in plenty like Native American tepees, arctic igloos, abode houses of ancient south west and even dome houses made entirely of glass. Modern technology has updated them with all amenities and expected luxurious and it is common to find satellite dishes and wireless internet even in the most unexpected areas. All your child hood dreams and imaginations of life, surely, will become a reality without any sacrifice of even a single part of comfort or convenience along the way.

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