Do you know the reason why Las Vegas is still hot

No other city in the world is so famous and so, popular as Las Vegas. This famous Mecca of a few square miles is an astounding attraction. Besides it is a city featured in countless movies and TV shows. It appears that there is not a single individual any where in the world who has not heard of the name of Vegas.

Familiarly called as the Entertainment Capital of the world, Las Vegas is the hub of gambling in the US and the world. It is renowned for its massive and lavish casino resorts and availability of alcoholic beverages at any time, (true through out Nevada) and various degrees of adult entertainment.

Las Vegas was once generally called as “sin city” and although marketing companies have dropped that moniker from their ads, they currently advertise that “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”.

Las Vegas has hit headlines of late for the great amount of development in luxury condos in the heart of the city and the visits of celebrities like George Clooney, Matt Damon, Ivanka Trump, Drew Carey, Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Claludia Shiffer, and several others. These developers have followed the trend started in South Florida that had towering condos known for their opulence and luxury and price. These condos will have full spa services, concierges, magnificent gyms, roof top pools, fabulous common area, restaurants and much more.

But what the secret of Las Vegas being a long standing megacity for a number of decades. Though it is famous for its casinos that cannot be the only reason for there are casino in plenty in the Atlantic City, Detroit and on many Native American reservations all over the country. But none of these can come close to boasting the multitude for visitors and tourists that Las Vegas can claim each year. On line gambling is allowed from the privacy and comfort of your home without a plane ticket or hotel reservation or shoes. That is why Vegas, has become the, vacation hot spot for many in the world and several celebrities find it a great place to park their investment capital.

The gambling and entertainment and food: On line Vega gambling experience is similar to a drive through cheese burger to the finest cut of prime rib available. According many lifetime gamblers there is no other place like Vegas for gambling. The lights, the noice, the dealers, the amazing variety of tables t park yourself at is par excellence and overwhelms all your senses. Service to their guests is the hall mark of Vegas casinos. The wait staff refill, your glass full before you even notice it is empty. Many of Vegas’ payouts are the highest in the country and even the world for that matter. They know that the thrill of winning will surely make them come back to get high rollers.

Whatever may be your choice of entertainment Las Vegas has, something to offer. It has a sprinkling of some of world’s finest musicians, magicians, comedians and other performers. Among the regular comedians is Las Vegas are David Spade, Louie Anderson, Rita Rudner, Rich Little, Jay Leno, and Mac King. The Las Vegas comedy Festival has the top comedians Jerry Seinfield, Chris Rick and others. The second city is a group of comedians performing skits and sketch comedies in regular shows in Las Vegas.

Among the musical head liners are Celine Dion, Barry Manilow, Bette Midler, and Toni Braxton and many “tribute shows”-bands or singers who perform the music of another group or musician.Magic shows have also a lion’s share in Vegas entertainment Penn and Teller, Lance Burton, David Copperfield and many others perform regularly. There are many avante garde forms for families and kids including Blue Man Group and Stomp.

This is only a partial list and does not include many other products available every single day in Vegas. No other city can offer its visitors these comedians or musicians all with in the same walk or even on the same day.

Las Vegas food is legendary. Hotel and restaurant buffets span the entire length and width of the building. Many meals are greatly moderate in price. Some are free to the gambling room’s biggest spenders to newly weds, and many others.

The investment crowd is chiefly drawn to Las Vegas by its booming economy. Its react resurgence due to its advertisements on many options for families Vegas has experienced a tremendous population explosion in home building. Along with tourism economic structure also flourishes in Vegas as tourism accounts for about 20% of the jobs in that area.

Terrorist attack on September 11, 2001 was fateful, for the booming economy of Las Vegas. It was a crippling blow to their main industry as many people backed off from flying and cancelled their vacations and other plans. However Las Vegas reinvented itself, as a family destination and resort with the business booming, and no signs of stopping or respite. Besides there are many incentive place in Vegas for the encouraging economic development and growth realized by all those celebrities.

So you may not be for gambling or ritzy entertainment or for an ideal family holiday. But as a place for real estate investment and development Las Vegas has become a truly immovable object to place your investment dollars. Celebrities are almost right in these things.

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